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First Server Grand Opening, May 10th, 2011 at 7:00pm PDT!

Topic: First Server Grand Opening, May 10th, 2011 at 7:00pm PDT!


New Server:
For those seeking adventure the time to join the world of Merlin is close at hand. Now that all testing has been completed, the world of Merlin is now ready to welcome adventurers on the First server [Akashic] on May 10th, 2011 at 7:00 pm PDT.


For those whom do not already know, the Chronicles of Merlin is a MMO with a mix of Real Time Strategy and Role Playing Game. It is unique in that gives you the chance to travel through time to distant lands and take part in battles no one could dream of. With the aid of Merlin’s magical powers, you will be able to fight against and alongside figures that are both real and mythical. Using your own skills you can build your own army to trample foes both player and non-player. Build a city that will grow and prosper in time. Join alliances with other heroes to help you along the way. In this world there are many choices to be made; will you be able to conquer all?


Special Events:


So you’re ready to show this world what you’ve got, but you would mind a little bit of cash in your pocket as you start your journey. Well Koramgame has four special events that can help you with that!


250 Gold Welcome Gift
The first is 250 Gold for logging in. Yes, you heard correctly, all you have to do for free gold is simply log into the game for the first time.


As soon as the server opens the race begins, the players whom post the battle report of themselves defeating Robin Hood, Baldwin IV of Jerusalem, Alfred the Great and Attila the Hun will receive handsome rewards. The details are as follows:

       200 Gold for the first 10 posters who defeat Robin Hood
       400 Gold for the first 8 posters who defeat Baldwin IV of Jerusalem
       600 Gold for the first 5 posters who defeat Alfred the Great
       800 Gold for the first 3 posters who defeat Attila the Hun


Please do not create your own threads. The following are the threads in which to post your screen shots. In addition please remember to include your character name and a screenshot.


Robin Hood:
Baldwin IV of Jerusalem:
Alfred the Great:
Attila the Hun:


All prizes will be private messaged via the forum in the form of a coupon code You can claim your gold by clicking the coupon icon in the top left corner of the game screen.


Get Lucky for 5 Stars
From May 10th at 7:00pm PST until May 15th at 12:00am PDT


So you love the game, you want to share the love, and you want to earn some gold for it? Well you might just get lucky! From May 10th at 7:00pm PST until May 15th at 12:00am PDT, if you give CoM five stars on Facebook you might be able to win some gold. At the time this event ends we will be sending out 100 gold to 50 voters.  The gold coupons will be sent directly to your Facebook account. See below for the links:

Vote Here!!/apps/application.php?id=197922373576339&v=app_6261817190

Facebook Page

In Alliance We Trust
From May 10, 07:00pm PST until May 24 12:00am PDT 2011


We will be sending out gold to legions that form with more than 20 members and all post on our forums. The legion commander who wishes to take part in this should start a new thread in the “Legion Chamber” section on the forums. If more than 20 legion members respond to the thread the gold coupons will be rewarded. Prizes include:


20-40 replying Forum Members: 50 Gold Coupon X 40
41 – 60 replying Forum Members: 50 Gold Coupon X 60
61-80 Forum Members: 50 Gold Coupon X 80


Posting format is as follows
Thread Title: S1<your Alliance’s name>In Alliance We Trust
Thread Content: A description of your Alliance and the requirements to join.
Screenshot: A screenshot of your Alliance in the Legion menu
Your e-mail address


Click here to post your Thread:


Please note that prizes will be handed out within three days of the event ending. Gift Cards will be given directly to Legion Commanders so make sure to post your e-mail address.


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