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Closed Beta Players: 1 Million Free Gold Awaits in Akashic

Dear Closed-beta Players,
Congratulations on winning free gold for our first official permanent server: Akashic.
If you have played on the closed-beta test server T1 Preface, you can win up to 150 Gold for free!

How to get your free Gold?
Simply join us at Akashic within the first 72 hours after the server opens. We will give out up to 1.2 MILLION FREE GOLD to our beloved closed-beta participants. Thank you for helping us to make Chronicles of Merlin a better game. We will continue to do all we can to improve.

Please note:
We will only hand out free gold to closed-beta participants once: 72 hours after Akashic opens. We have chosen this duration so players can have plenty of time to join Akashic, late comers won’t receive any gold.

The Chronicles of Merlin Team

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