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The Complete Guide to Chronicles of Merlin

Welcome to Chronicles of Merlin Guides.
In this area we have many different types of guides which are separated by levels. In here there are three types of articles, the first are overall guides which give information on how to play and how to play well; there are more specific guides which focus on specific information such as Formations or Making Silver; and finally we have tables with just information such as which gambit attacks do what. All of these pages are sorted so if you feel you’re above the level that your reading, feel free to skip ahead.

Beginners Must Read: Level 1 to 14

5 Important Items to Get Off to a Good Start

Main City Info

Quests: a fresh supply of Silver

Banners: How banners regenerate?

Seasons: Each Season is equal to one Day.

Detailed Guide: To Do List: Level 0 ~ 9

Detailed Guide: Level 10 ~ 20 Walkthrough

A brief introduction of Merlin's Social Platform

All main Interfaces

Intermediate Guide: Level 15 to 35

Strategy: How to Win in Battle

Equipment Guide: How different gears affect your power.

Alliance Guide: Combine your Swords together

Plantation Battle: Fight for Glory!!

Farm Occupation Guide

Troop Type Guide: Know your troop's advantage.

Silver Guide: All possible ways of collecting silver.

Detailed Guide: Level 21 ~ 30

Advanced Guide: Level 36 to 60

Formation Guide - What you need to know about selecting Formations.

Siege, Gambit or Spell - A guide to the three types of Attacks.

Scout Guide - Orange Mount, Orange Cape and How to get them.

Prestige - A Guide to Earning and Using Prestige.

Reborn Guide - Important Info about Being Reborn

Daily Quest - The Only Way you can get high quality Enchanted Items

Mine Wars Guide - Player Submitted Guide to Mine Wars

Invasion - How to Invade and Get Resources.

Expert Data

Heroes - A Detailed List of Heroes, Their Skills, and Troop Type.

VIP Features - A List of Current VIP Features

Research - Detailed Information Regarding Research and Types

13 Ways of hunting SILVER

Troop Type - A Detailed List on the Troop Types.

Tax Event answer list

EXP/level up table - Player Submitted Table on EXP Requirements

FAQ: Recently Updated Frequently Asked Questions

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