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5 Important Items to Get Off to a Good Start

Train your Hero!

Heroes are everything when it comes to battle. Leveling up your Heroes is important because it enables your hero to wear higher-level gear which adds extra Units and their overall Attack and Defense.

You should always be leveling up your Heroes and for now you have a few options when leveling up your Hero, you can choose 2 hour or 8 hour sessions. There are also many other Training options with the use of VIP features which can be found here: <>;

hero training.jpg


In addition to the length of the session you can also select different training modes. Right now you have Normal which is 100% and Accelerated which is 120% for 2 gold. You can also instantly gain EXP for Battle Points by clicking the button in the lower right hand corner.

Finally in the upper right you can add slots, adding extra slots is very crucial as you can train more than one hero at a time. Even if you do not go with any extra features it is strongly recommended that you add slots to train multiple Heroes.

Collect Silver!

collect silver.jpg


Remember to collect Taxes! You will be able to collect Taxes 50 times a day. Also take note of your Citizens Loyalty; the lower it is the less silver you will receive. You can gain Loyalty by answering questions that randomly appear while collecting.

Also make sure you complete quests, as in the earlier levels the Majority of Silver is going to come from Quests. So check them often!

Here's a guide of all 13 ways of collecting silver. (Thanks to liedownhere's hard work!)


You must buy the correct gear for your Hero, make sure it is high level, and upgrade it when you can. If you find yourself losing during these levels it is more than likely your gear needs an upgrade.

There are two types of Heroes you could be using; one is a Siege (Rickon) the other are Gambit Users. If you are not using Rickon, then you are using a Gambit user and need to focus on getting a Horse at level 8. For Rickon you will want to focus on a sword which will help you with Normal Attacks.

Both players need to focus on Armor, and Swords; but as written above Horse is most important for the Gambit users because only Horses can boost Gambit attacks. Also take advantage of the high Upgrade Success Rate and do not forget to upgrade your gear if you can afford it!

Upgrade Your Research!

At level 11 you can unlock the Academy. This is going to be a top priority to level up items in here. The first thing you want to level up is Normal Attack, as you want to hurt the enemies before they hurt you. Next item you want to level up is Normal Defense, then Serpent Formation. Level 2 formations can contain 3 heroes!

Collect Heroes and Battle Points!

The Campaign mode is where most of the action happens. This is where you will be accumulating your Battle Points(used for Research) and is a great place to find some very nice gear(that can be kept or sold for a nice price). This is also the ONLY way to get high level Armor and Weapons. However you will want to make use of your battles as every battle you win will cost you a Banner and affect your Battle Cooldown timer.



Above is the Map of Sherwood Forest. The blue groups indicate Normal Armies, the yellow indicate Elite Armies, the two red groups are Bosses, and the large yellow circular one at the bottom is a Legion Battle.

Elite armies offer more battle points than normal armies and can sometimes drop gear. Moving along, bosses give you even more Battle points and drop tokens. So you need to continue to battle them until you have enough tokens that that Boss can be recruited as a Hero. Collecting Heroes will be important as they bring with them new abilities that might mix well with existing Heroes.

Finally if you find yourself stuck remember to get the best Gear you can for your Heroes, and Upgrade that Gear! Also be sure to look at other players strategies by clicking the strategy button underneath the attack button in the Campaign screen.

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