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Formation Guide

This guild is to help players understand formations and how to use them. There are a lot of choices when it comes to formations and there is no one formation that is better than another. As with all of our guides if you would like to comment on this or create your own guide please visit the Guides and Walkthrough section on the forums.

Know who goes first.


It is important to know who goes first. This is what a battle formation on the left side (Attacker) would look like, the right side (Defender) would be mirrored. You can see here it is number in the order in which they go. So #1 Attacker will go, and then #1 Defender will go. If there was no #1 Defender then #2 Attacker would go next.

Know where to place your Heroes.
Make sure that you know where your Heroes go which will give you a better advantage. One example of this is placing a Priest or Flag Bearer to go earlier so that they can give their Gambit Hero Morale sooner. or to place other Gambit users near the front so they can attack sooner.

Research multiple Formations so they can be used in any Battle.
You will never succeed with just using one Formation. Depending on your enemy you will need to counter it will different formation, or even different Heroes.

Know the benefits of different Formations.
Holy Cross Formation Increases Block Rate.
Serpent Formation Increases Normal Damage.
Mallet Formation Increases Gambit Damage.
Sickle Formation Increases Critical Strike Damage.
Wedge Formation Increases Dodge Rate.
Oblique Formation Increases Spell Damage.
Cluster Formation Increases Counterattack Damage.
Trident Formation Increases Defense.

Remember PVP Formations.
PVP can be a totally different ballgame as PVE remembers you have choices to set a default PVP in the formation screen. Remember that PVP opponents can be tougher than PVE you might need to move some of your stronger Heroes to the back so they can survive longer.

Watch Battle Reports!
Whether it is someone who beat you are you are looking at great Battle Reports on the forum, the only way to get better is to watch these reports and learn from them!

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