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S1 Cheaters and Illegal Program Users

To create a fair gaming environment, players that cheat, or use any type of third party software to circumvent the current rules of the game, will be permanently banned from the game. These bans can come in the form of Account Bans or IP Bans. Once banned, all of their information will be erased from the system, including records, Rank, Silver, Prestige, Battle Points, etc.

We have found the following players have violated the rules of the game and gained unfair advantage over other players. Their account in S1 has been banned permanently; their Prestige, Battle Points and Silver have all been reset to zero.

   S1 [Akashic] – Meowth
     S1 [Akashic] – Scorpius
 S1 [Akashic] – azrael
   S1 [Akashic] – Medivh 
         S1 [Akashic] – Witchblade
S1 [Akashic] – Gail
    S1 [Akashic] – Padma
        S1 [Akashic] – Vorinclex

The Chronicles of Merlin will use their system to detect the usage of such programs. All players are also encouraged to report these players to Chronicles of Merlin Customer Service. After checking the validity of these reports these upstanding players will be eligible for rewards.

The Chronicles of Merlin Team

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