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S2 ‘In Alliance We Trust’ and ‘David and Goliath’ Winners

After long time of battling and recruiting we can finally announce the winners for these events. Without further ado:

David and Goliath Winner List

If you want to learn more about these players strategies please click the event links below:

Baldwin IV of Jerusalem Level 20 200G for the 3 Players of lowest level
Morgan le Fay Level 32 400G for the 3 Players of lowest level
Vlad the Impaler Level 40 600G for the 3 Players of lowest level
Joan of Arc Level 52 800G for the 3 Players of lowest level

[200G] Baldwin IV of Jerusalem:

<God> <Level 11> <Battle Report>
<Slytherin> <Level 11> <Battle Report>
<Salamanda> <Level 11> <Battle Report>

[400G] Morgan le Fay:


<Ken_Arok> <Level 20> <Battle Report>
<Jaggerjack> <Level 21> <
Battle Report>
<Seidon> <Level 20> <
Battle Report>
[600G] Vlad the Impaler:

<Narfi> <Level 30> <Battle Report>
<lemar> <Level 30> <
Battle Report>
<Zen> <Level 30> <
Battle Report>

[800G] Joan of Arc:

<lemar> <Level 40> <Battle Report>
<Salen> <Level 35> <Battle Report>
<Jaggerjack> <Level 35> <Battle Report>


In Alliance We Trust Winner List

<Centurions> 50G X 40
<FamOuaZ> 50G X 40
<The Hellhounds> 50G X 40
<The Legends> 50G X 40

<Seraphim> 60G X 60
<Conqueror> 80G X 80
<BrokenAlliance> 80G X 80

We thank everyone for their participation and look forward to our next event! Also do not forget about the monthly Battle Report Event!

The Chronicles of Merlin Team

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