Naruto Jogo Online

Contents of Version 1.35

Continuous Login Prizes
- The more days logged in the better the prizes.
- The number of days with the prizes will appear on the interface when you log in.
- Each day begins a 5a.m. Server Time
- If a player logs in more than 5 days it will stay at 5 days.

Daily Login Interface
- Each time a player logs in an interface will come up showing their daily login prize.
- Links on this screen can direct players to the tasks the player can still complete (like free Scout)

Time Spent Online Reward
- Prizes can be claimed in the upper right depending on the amount spent online.
- After retrieving the prize a countdown will appear, if the chest disappears then you have claimed all the time spent online prizes.
- This resets daily at 5a.m.


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