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Server Merge: S17, S18 and S21, Jan 27th 18:00

Jan 27th 18:00 ~ Jan 28th 1:00 (Server Time PST)

The Chronicles of Merlin would like to announce the Server Merger of S17, S18 and S21, hoping that by merging some of the older servers it will create a better playing environment with more intense battles.

Jan 27th 18:00 ~ Jan 28th 1:00 PsT

S17, S18 and S21

New Server Name (Merged Server)
U7 Hercules

1. Player Information
   a) Identical player names.
       i. Players with names that are located on servers will be prompted to change their name. Names will be on a first come first serve basis. Meaning if John from S17 and John from S18 both want to be called John, whoever changes their name first will get it.

   b) Players with characters on multiple servers
       i. Players with characters on 2 or more servers that will be merged will still be able to use all of their characters. Each time they log in they will be asked to choose one of their characters. Players can only play on one character at a time.

   c) Inactive Accounts
       i. Accounts that are level 19 or under, have not added any Gold, and have not logged in for 30 days will be deleted.

2. Gold
   a) Coupons issued prior to new server will no longer be valid after the merger has taken place.
   b) New players on these servers will no longer receive 250 Gold.
   c) Gold that players currently have will be combined into one lump sum which can be used by all of the characters. Meaning if Character A has 500 and Character B has 500 after the merge they will have 1,000 to share.  When Character A spends 250 of this server Gold then they both will have 750 Gold.
   d) Gold added will appear as Server gold to be used by all characters (see above).

3. Alliances
   a) Alliances with the same name.
       i. Alliances with the same name follow the same rules as with character names and the Alliance Commander will be prompted to change the name.

   b) Inactive Commanders
       i. If the Commander is inactive then the member with the highest contribution will be chosen. If that Alliance has no other members then it will be deleted.

   c) Applicants
       i. Any outstanding applications to your Alliance will be removed.

4. City
   a) Prosperity
       i. After the merger the prosperity for each city will be set to the city with the highest level of prosperity out of all the servers. Each prosperity level for each city can come from a different server.

   b) City Occupation
       i. After the merger each country will occupy the number of cities based on an average of their occupation on the current server.

        For Example: City Rotterdam Allegiance
        Server 1: Caesar 80%, King Arthur 10%, Charlemagne 10%
        Server 2: Caesar 20%, King Arthur 60%, Charlemagne 20%
        Server 3: Caesar 20%, King Arthur 20%, Charlemagne 60%

         After the Server Merge, City Rotterdam Allegiance: Caesar 40%, King Arthur 30%, and Charlemagne 30%

   c) Player Location
       i. After the merge players who occupy the same city will be randomly placed in districts starting with district 1.
5. Seasons
   a) The server will start in Spring.

6. King System
   a) All Kings and nobles will be reset and election will begin the following Spring.

7. Occupations
   a) Players
       i. Any conquer, farm, or silver mine occupation will not yield results if occupied during the server merge. All of the above will be reset.  Players cannot attack their own characters.

   b) Alliances
       i. All plantation occupations will be reset.

8. Rankings
   a) New rankings will be established once servers are merged.

9. Cooldowns
   a) Construction, Battle, and all other Cooldowns will continue after the server merge.
   b) Items in the emporium will be restocked.
   c) Hero’s Training happens during the maintenance will be finished immediately when new server starts.
   d) Items that needs to be collected within 72 hours will be put into your inventory omitting your inventory slot you have.
   e) Some other cooldowns will be finished immediately when new server starts.

10. Others
   a) Scout condition will be reset. That means if you have an advanced scout that has not been used, it will be clear after the merge.
   b) Formation will be reset, you need to choose your formation after the server merge.
   c) Feudal Lands will be reset, including the movement points, quests and Treasure map.
   d) You notorious to other country will be reset.
   e) All mails will not be kept by the server.
   f) NPC’s Battle Report record and any PVP battle report will not be kept.

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