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Chronicles of Merlin Game Closure Notice

Chronicles of Merlin Game Closure Notice

Dear players,

We have spent some happy hours in the Chronicles of Merlin world, as of now, we are sorry to inform you that the Game Chronicles of Merlin will be shut down at 00:00 AM PDT on Sep 16th, All Servers will be closed and players will no longer be able to log in the game anymore by then, along with the all forum and website services.

The Kcoin Exchange system of 
Chronicles of Merlin will go offline at 00:00 AM PDT on Aug 8th, players will no longer be able to exchange their kcoins into Gold by then.

Players who still have Unused Gold From Kcoin-exchange please submit a ticket to our Customer Service ( Sep 26th. We will exchange your Gold balance into Kcoin and send them back to your Koramgame account in the form of KCard within 15 working days after Sep 26th ends, you can add Kcoin with KCard and exchange in-game currency for your other games of Koramgame. Please submit the request before the deadline, the Customer Service will be unavailable for Chronicles of Merlin after the deadline ends.

Gold comes from all kinds of in-game events/rewards will not be accepted for requesting compensation.

It’s really a hard decision, thanks for your understanding.

The closure of the kcoins exchange: 00:00 AM PDT on Aug 8th 2016
The closure of the Chronicles of Merlin game: 00:00 AM PDT on Sep 16th 2016
The dead line of application for the compensation: 11:59 PM PDT on Sep 26th 2016

If you have any further question, please submit a ticket to CS system.

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