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Chronicles of Merlin Guides

2011-06-23Beginners Must Read - Lv1 to Lv 14

2011-06-23Intermediate Guide - Levels 15-35

2011-06-23Advanced Guide - For Levels 36-60

2011-06-23Hero Skills Explained (Detailed)

2011-06-23How to Win in Battle - A Brief Guide on How to Strategize

2011-06-23Siege, Gambit or Spell? - A guide to the three types of attacks.

2011-06-23Formation Guide - What you need to know about selecting Formations.

2011-06-23Guide to Heroes - A Brief Guide to the Hero System

2011-06-23Prestige Rewards Chart

2011-06-23Mine Wars Guide - Player Submitted Guide to Mine Wars

2011-06-23Equipment Guide - Information on Types of Equipment and Usage

2011-06-23Prestige - A Guide to Earning and Using Prestige.

2011-06-23Heroes - A Detailed List of Heroes, Their Skills, and Troop Type.

2011-06-23Troop Type - A Detailed List on the Troop Types.

2011-06-23Reborn Guide - Important Info about Being Reborn

2011-06-23Orange Mount, Orange Cape and How to Get Them

2011-06-23Daily Quest - The Only source of high quality Enchanted Items

2011-06-23Invasion - Region Conflict

2011-06-23VIP Features - A List of Current VIP Features

2011-06-23Plantation Battle - Everything You Need to Know about Plantation Battles

2011-06-23Research - Detailed Information Regarding Research and Types

2011-06-23EXP/level up table - Player Submitted Table on EXP Requirements

2011-06-23Detailed Game Guide - A Guide Covering Many Aspects of the Game

2011-06-23A Brief Introduction to Chronicles of Merlin: Rift in Time

2011-06-23Banners - All you need to know about Banners

2011-06-23Main City Info - First thing you need to know

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