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Game Interface

1. City
The city is your main base of power. Buildings are upgraded here, Silver is earned here, and Heroes are trained here. With development of the city, you'll earn much more silver, train your Heroes with more efficiency, and keep your weapons honed.

There are a number of different buildings available, each of which provides critical bonus functions. For example, residences will increase your tax revenue, while the Tower of Trials can increase both the amount of experience gained by heroes in training and your max hero level. Upgrading the city hall will increase the city level and allow you to move to higher level districts for access to powerful new game features. A competitive player will always have a well-maintained City to keep their edge in battle.


2. Region
Players move between different level regions as they progress through the game, gradually increasing options for interacting between players as they become more skilled. Silver Mines (taking up the first few districts of each Region) are regionally restricted, so you’ll only compete with other players in your Region for these precious resources. At higher levels, you can also attack or be attacked by players in your Region. Players of other Kingdoms can only attack players in Regions with the same level restrictions as their own, preventing high level players from attacking players in lower level Regions.


3. Campaign
Fight against an array of historical Heroes and their sub-commanders as you progress through various Chapters in the Campaign. Each time you defeat the final Boss of a Chapter, you will unlock access to the next Chapter on your journey. You’ll face an enemy alliance at the end of each Chapter, so you’ll need to join an alliance in help complete the Chapter and receive your completion bonus. At high levels, members of the most powerful alliance will enjoy numerous bonuses and rule the world with an iron fist. Earn battle points and priceless gear as you battle your way through Merlin’s devious alternate history.


4. World
In the world map, each icon represents a different Region. You can view and invade other regions, invest in or trade within your own Kingdom’s regions, or move your city to a new Region. You can even rally your Kingdom to fight a Regional Battle and expand your Kingdom.


5. Farm
Each district within a region has its own farm interface. Farms produce grain, which is critical for recruiting reserve units and keeping your army in fighting order. After level 15, you will need to replace all units lost in battle, a daunting and expensive task if you’re unable to secure a source of grain. There are farms of varying output, each of which can be occupied for 4 hours. The competition here is much less intense than that for Silver Mines, which are shared by the entire Region. Seize the highest output farms in the middle any time you see them available!

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