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Level 10 ~ 20

After completing the tutorial, you must relocate your city to Center City in order to continue developing. Below are some basic political and military strategies to help you get adjusted to your life in the big leagues.

Section 1: Politics
Upgrading your City Hall is essential for developing the rest of your city, but don't upgrade past Level 15 right away! At Level 16, unit losses in Campaign begin drawing directly from your Reserves, and maintaining sufficient Reserves will stretch your Grain supply to its limits. In addition, armies in Campaign become significantly tougher after Level 15. Best to take it slow, and make sure your city is balanced and well-prepared before taking the jump.

When you first move to Center City, you will be on the bottom of the food chain, and the players around you will have much stronger cities and armies. However, the reward from the "Move to New Region" mission will provide you with a plump sum of start-up capital. After you upgrade your City Hall to Level 10 and your Treasury to Level 8, the next two missions are to go to the Farm interface for your District and occupy a Farm for yourself.

Different Farms have different outputs so make sure you pick one with an abundant harvest. If another player has already occupied the Farm of your dreams, you can try to muscle it away but first do a quick comparison of your level and theirs to make sure you are not simply sending your army to a certain death. Everyday at 8:30, 12:30, and 19:00 you will receive a free chance to occupy a Farm without using a Banner.

By this point, you will have a good lump of Silver to use on upgrading your Gear. Go ahead and upgrade your Armory to Level 12. Then, steadily upgrade your Gear. The Success Rate for upgrading Gear fluctuates and will hit above 90% about once every three hours. With a Level 12 Armory you can also begin buying Mount and Cloaks increase your Heroes' Gambit Attack and Defense stats, respectively. You will only need one Horse for your main Gambit Hero, but ideally all of your Heroes should have a Cloak of their own. These Gear are vital for your army's success but will set you back a pretty penny.

When your City Hall reaches Level 11, it will unlock the Academy. Upgrade your Academy to Level 10 and you can upgrade your Formation Research to hold a third Hero. To keep your army competitive, we recommend you upgrade the upgrade the Mallet and Serpent Formations.

Grain and the Marketplace will be unlocked when your City Hall is between Level 12 and 14. One way to generate extra Silver is to exploit the fluctuation of Grain prices in the Marketplace. Simply buy Grain when the price is low (0.5-0.65) and resell it after the price climbs to the upper range (1.87-2.0). If your Exchange Quota gets used up for the day, you always upgrade your Marketplace to reset it back to zero. If the price of Grain is really low, you can even buy extra Grain on the Black Market for double and still run a profit in the end. On another note, don’t spend too much time upgrading your Granary—Level 9 or so and you will be able to hold plenty enough Grain.

When your City Hall is Level 15, the Barracks will be unlocked. Upgrading your Barracks not only increases your Reserves Capacity but also increases the number of units gained per Draft by 150. You can draft units every 1.5 hours. After Level 16, units lost in battle will be replenished from your Reserves and you will have to begin using Grain to recruit fresh troops.

When your City Hall is finally Level 15, spend some time upgrading your Residences to match your City Hall. By doing so, you create a larger tax base and guarantee a steady supply of Silver in the future. If you run out of Tax Collections you can also impose taxes with Gold. Sometimes you can even gain extra Gold from your taxes!

Section 2: Military
The Bosses of the second stage are more difficult than anything you've encountered so far. Saladin, Richard, Baldwin IV all present new and unique challenges that require strategy and perseverance to overcome.
Baldwin IV’s Legion is the only fight where you will have to form a team; the other armies you fight yourself. To complete the "Campaign Chapter" mission, you only have to defeat Baldwin IV at the end. So, if you are running out of Banners, you can skip over some of the enemy armies and go straight for the head. However, you will only receive the Stage Reward after you have defeated every army.
When you feel ready and have made all the necessary preparations, you can move to the next Region and join one of the Three Kingdoms! Go forward, young hero, and leave your bloody mark on history!

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