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Each district within a Region has its own Farm interface. The competition here is much less intense than that for Silver Mines, which are shared by the entire Region. There are farms of varying output, each of which can be occupied for around 4 hours. Grain is critical for recruiting reserve units and keeping your army full. Seize the highest output Farms in the middle any time you see them available!


The number displayed to the right of the farm output is the output boost received from the Alliance Crop Rotation Research.

Abandoning a farm before the session has ended will reduce the amount of Grain harvested.

Farms will be automatically abandoned when you move your city to a new region.

Each day counts as one season, each season has some special rules:

A.Spring – One additional Banner gained
B. Summer – Tax Collection limit by 3, to 15 totally.
C. Autumn – Farm Output +20%
D. Winter – No player-vs.-player combat allowed! This includes Conquer, Invasion, and seizing Farms and Silver Mines.

Each season refresh at 05:00 (Server Time)

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