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In Chronicles of Merlin players are divided into three competing Kingdoms:Caesar, King Arthur, and Charlemagne. After you defeat the Baldwin IV of Jerusalem Chapter in the Campaign you must pledge your loyalty to one of the three Kings. Once you have made your choice there is no possibility of changing your allegiance. Alliances are also made up of members within the same Kingdom.

Your Title is determined by your Prestige. The more Prestige you have the higher your Title will be. Your Title will also give you a fixed Salary which you may collect once a day. Upgrading your Title will also allow you to recruit more Heroes and increase the number of Farms that you can occupy.

Increase your Prestige by attacking enemy players, participating in Region Battles or investing in your Region. You can invest in your Region once every 3 hours which also increases the Region’s Prosperity.

Prestige requirement for title and epic heroes

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