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Getting Around

1. Collect Taxes
Tax collection is your most basic means of earning Silver. select your City Hall, click on “Taxes” and then click “Collect” to obtain Silver. Taxes can be collected 12 times per day usually,  and 3 more times in summer.

2. Training
To make your Heroes more powerful, continued training is the most important! Enter the Tower of Trial and start training. Choose Heroes you want to train from the list located on the left, and choose the training mode. Then click Start Session to begin.

3. Campaign
This is one of the key components of the game and allows you to fight against historical forces. Only when you have defeated the relevant forces can you move your City to a higher Region in order to continue leveling up. To access the Campaign, click on the “Campaign” button on the bottom right-hand corner of the Game Interface, select an enemy army and click on “Attack”. Blue squares are normal units, yellow squares are elite units and red squares are Bosses.


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