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There are 6 kinds of equipment that you can equip to your Heroes: Weapon, Mount, Armor, Clock, Enchanted Item and Crown.


Weapon: Increase Hero's normal attack
Mount: Increase Hero's Gambit attack
Armor: Increase Hero's normal defense
Clock: Increase Hero's Gambit defense
Enchanted Item: Increase Hero's Spell attack
Crown: Increase the max number of units of the Hero


A. The quality of Gear can be seen in the color of its name. The available colors are listed below in increasing order: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red
B. Gear level can be upgraded through Upgrade.
C. High quality gear not only has a higher starting boost, but the growth rate when upgrading will also be higher. A small difference in growth rate means a huge difference after you upgrade an item a few dozen times.
D. Bound items cannot be sold or downgraded; it takes 3 days to unbind an item.


Bound Gear cannot be sold or downgraded and takes three days to unbind. Binding your Gear can help protect your account from being sabotaged.


It takes 3 days to unbind an item. The item cannot be sold or downgraded during this time. The unbinding process can be canceled at any time.


Stop Unbind:
Stop the unbinding process. The item will remain bound.


Notes &How-to:
A. Once you click Bind, the gear will be bound immediately.
B. Click Unbind to begin the three-day unbinding process.
C. You can stop the unbinding process at any time within 3 days

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