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Chronicles of Merlin is known for epic PvP Battles with 100 players and 500 Heroes fighting simultaneously. What's more, players can share their most memorable experiences via Battle Reports.


Unite Type
Below are basic introduction for all of the unit types. You can use this information to create a potent army with some killer combos.


Infantry Series: Have the special ability of Blocking


Cavalry Series: Have the special ability of Dodging


Archer Series: Won't be hurt after their damage is blocked, and have increased Critical Strike rates


Machinery Series: No Morale or Gambit, but have outstanding Normal attack and defense


Magic Series: Damage given depends on their leading Hero’s Intelligence. They have no normal attack and a high chance of missing.


Auxiliary series: No damage, but can give buff or heal.


Certain unit types will counteract one another, unless one is stronger than the other. The potential for infinite strategizing is what makes Chronicles of Merlin a great game! Hope this introduction helps you on your path to building a powerful army!


Way to increase your units' level:
- By upgrading your Hero's level, each level up of Hero will increase his army's level by 0.6
- Use Rebirth for your Hero, see Rebirth for details.

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